Old Woman Cooking Eggs

No-it’s not me. It’s a painting by Velasquez that happens to be in the National Gallery of Scotland, where i went on Saturday. But i thought since i was particularly struck by the painting i could dedicate a blog to both it and the cooking of those little chicken offerings which are so often overlooked. If you are cooking for yourself or you’re on a budget or you simply have very little in the house to work with, eggs are your friends. And even if none of these scenarios apply to you, eggs are STILL your friends. So quick, so versatile, so good for you. Here’s a quick round up of my favourite ways with eggs:

Soft Boiled Eggs with “Gentleman’s Relish” Toast.

Boil some eggs-put in cold water then time from when it boils bubblingly-5 mins or 4.45 for slightly runnier. Toast some good bread then slather with butter and Gentleman’s Relish. This is sold in almost every deli and supermarket- it’s essentially anchovy paste so if you dont like anchovies it’s not the one for you-try it anyway-you never know. Otherwise have Marmite instead. If you do like anchovies you’re in for a treat!

Baked Eggs

Bestest made in the Aga-of course. However we live in an imperfect world, and i dont own an Aga. So here’s how to do it. Preheat oven to 180. Generously butter a ramekin and crack a very delicious fresh egg into it. Pour in a little double cream or a teaspoonful of creme fraiche. Crack some black pepper and sea salt over and bake in oven for a few minutes, till in wobbles like Beyonce’s bee-hind (controlled but wonderfully voluptuous). You can jazz these up and add wilted spinach or parma ham in the bottom of the ramekin,or grated parmesan on the top.

Eggs Gratin  

If you’ve got old veg that need using up this is a nifty little number. Braise the veg in butter or olive oil if they’re leafy(ie kale or greens), adding some crispy bacon if available. Or mushrooms, or nice tomatoes. If root veg-boil in salted water then mash with butter and cream (ie celeriac or parsnip). Place in oven dish, crack a couple of nice eggs on top, season with salt and pepper and bake in a hot oven until whites are set and yolks runny.


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  1. Henry Bird

    These are brilliant, thanks! Didn’t you say you were born in the 80s? I know an elderly lady residing in Wiltshire with very similar ideas to yours – of course, she DOES have an aga, but I don’t think she’s heard of Beyonce…

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