If, like me, you seem to spend most of your life finding odd bits of forgotten vegetables tucked away in green tinged corners of the fridge and then hastily turning them into some kind of soup, you will probably be craving something that could bring a bit of zing to your standard soup and bread supper. Well here it is- Taramasalata-easy, quick and delicious. And smoked cod’s roe is ALWAYS on offer at Waitrose (seriously now-where is the sponsorship deal?). This is a world away from the pink fluff you get at the supermarket (though i like that too)- a much more mature version this- perfect on crusty toast, or with pitta or crisps, alongside a nice hearty bowl of  soup.

1 smoked cods roe (it’s vacuum packed and sold individually)

250 ml light and mild olive oil

juice 1 lemon and 4 tablespoons water

handful breadcrumbs (use some stale sourdough for best results)

 salt and pepper to taste (easy on salt! the roe is quite salty already)


Take roe out of it’s hard skin-discard this. Put in magimix (or bowl with whisk) and blend with breadcrumbs. Whisk/blend in oil gradually, then water and lemon juice. Season to taste. If too salty-add more oil and more water. Keep in the fridge and eat within 4 days.


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