Sucking the Marrow out of Life

Carpe Diem and all. In the spirit of frugality, but as ever seeking epicurean satisfaction, i took a leaf out of Fergus Henderson’s book and opted for the orginal (and best) St.John recipe. This is a lighter alternative to the usual sunday gorge-and after devouring half a tray of the forementioned date slices, i felt the need for a lighter kind of meaty feast. So roasted bone marrow with parsley salad it is. It really doesn’t get more frugal than this-if your butcher is mean enough to charge you for veal marrow bones then you’re living in the wrong city (i.e. London) and even if he is- he’ll only charge you a quid or so at most. Ask for them prepared for roasting (i.e. trimmed of fat and gristle and cut into 4 inch lengths).

Recipe (all ingredients are per person)

  1 veal marrow bone per person, or 2 or 3 depending on how hungry you are

handful of flat leaf parsley

1/2 finely sliced shallot

about 10 capers-Fergus likens capers to the sultanas in sultana bran-there should always be just shy of enough-to leave you wanting more, and make sure each little bite  is a revelation.

Pinch sea salt and pepper (extra salt should be served alongside the marrow)

1/2 tsp dijon mustard

olive oil and juice half lemon

Home made sourdough-style bread (see earlier post!!)


Preheat oven to 190. Roast bones standing up for 40 mins, until browned and melting. Pick the leaves off the parsley, mix with the capers and finely slice shallot, then make a simple dressing with the mustard, oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice. Easy on the salt and pepper though-capers are salty and mustard is hot so beware…

Toast a couple of slices of bread, dress the salad-make sure it’s adequately acidic to cut thorugh the rich marrow-arrange it on the plate next to your roasted bone. Eat by poking out marrow from the bone, spreading it on the toast and swallowing it all with a forkful of sharp salad. Wash the whole thing down with a class of something lip-smackingly crisp and white. Delicious!


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