Great British Buns


I wish you could smell my flat at this very moment, for it is redolent with the sweet yeasty scent of great british buns. Honey Buns in fact. Nothing like a cup of tea and a pillowy bun. And since I feel the need to re-enforce my anti-cupcake protest with some edible evidence, here it is, and I urge you, ladies and gentleman of the jury, not to be deceived by its humble exterior, because this bun is worthy of Pooh bear himself.

Here is a wee clip of the bear that tickled me:

And seeing as it is a particularly blustery day here in Edinburgh, I thought I’d treat you to a clip of the very best Pooh episode of them all (in my humble opinion )

This little clip certainly strikes a few chords with me and my frequent thought-block. But thankfully, even if you are short of thoughts, there are always buns to ease the pain…..

Honey Buns (Makes 8 buns) 

500g strong white flour

20g butter

10g salt

1 sachet yeast

2 heaped tablespoons runny honey

150 ml water

50 ml milk

1 egg

Warm the milk in a pan, then add the water, butter and honey, making sure they melt and the liquid is still blood temperature. Add the yeast to this liquid and stir well. Put the flour and salt in a big mixing bowl, then crack in the egg and pour the yeast liquid in. Bring the mixture together with a spoon first, then get your hands in. Knead on a worktop for about 10 mins, until smooth and elastic, then put in a clean oiled bowl, covered with an oiled plastic bag. Leave to rise in a warm place until doubled in size (the fact that mine took 3 hours to rise may indicate how cold the flat is….) Turn out and divide into 8 even balls, shaping them with your hand (there are youtube vids to show you how to do this…). Place on a baking tray about an inch from each other and cover again. Leave until doubled in size, and touching each other. Brush with milk, put in a preheated oven at 200, for 15-20 mins, then  as soon as they come out brush them generously with runny honey. Serve warm, slathered with butter and more honey. A cup of tea is, of course, necessary.

The buns before….



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