Perfect Porridge

It’s surprisingly hard to make porridge look good in a photo…

A word on porridge – I’m a bit of a porridge purist I must admit, after eating it almost every day of my life in Edinburgh last year I mastered the art of making what  (I felt) was perfect porridge. However, as ever, each to their own; but for me, the perfect porridge is gloopy smooth, slightly runny rather than sludgy, made only with water and salt, and then eaten with cream, milk and dark brown sugar or golden syrup. It’s very best when made overnight in the Aga, you put in a saucepan (with lid) 1 part whole oats, to 2 and a half parts water, a good pinch of sea salt, and put the lid on, then bung it in the slow oven for a night’s warm snoozing. Wake up and enjoy perfect silken soft porridge with cream and muscavado.


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